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16. 5. 2006

Poskladajte si svoje obľúbené...




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(terinka, 6. 5. 2007 16:23)

NECHYBA TAM ANI JEDNA CAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(m.a.j.k.a.11, 3. 5. 2007 19:14)

zlozila som vsetkých 6 za 5 minút.


(ffff, 17. 4. 2007 12:12)

nejde to


(Piper, 5. 4. 2007 22:39)

nie tam na tom poslednom obrazku nechiba jedna cast... ale to si musite upravt- kliknut na obr. pravim tlacitkom mysi a dat Show all potom sa tam zjaví.


(Kika, 5. 4. 2007 12:17)

To je lahke.
Keby to bolo aspon o trochu tahsie.


(Buro, 25. 3. 2007 9:12)

secko tu je super perfektne da sa secko poskladat prosto na 1


(charmed, 24. 3. 2007 23:39)

super, nemam viac slov prosto super


(sara vargova, 10. 3. 2007 11:23)

spravila som to sama.sara


(sara vargova, 10. 3. 2007 11:23)

spravila som to sama.sara jeto super


(sara vargova, 10. 3. 2007 11:23)

spravila som to sama.sara


(Kika, 7. 3. 2007 21:10)

Je to super.


(Barbi, 24. 2. 2007 21:20)

hm ta fakt tomu poslednemu obrazku chyba jeden kusok ta skoda ne


(BILIE, 24. 2. 2007 20:37)

Tato stranka je skutecne nadherna.Paci mi.

(payper28, 21.2.2007 16:04)

(well, 21. 2. 2007 16:06)

Charmed is right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(Katherine147, 12. 2. 2007 15:10)

Som nadsena a rada!!!!!!Charmed su coooooooooooool


(Katherine147, 12. 2. 2007 15:08)

Tato stranka je celkom fajn!!!!!!!!!!!!!Koniec bye :D

Su proste supeeeeeeer

(Barbora, 4. 2. 2007 15:40)

kazda z nich je na tej fotke uzasna ale chiba mi v prue jedna cast ale inac super stranka


(piper, 2. 2. 2007 9:17)

prosim poradte mi niekto zaslala som emali na carodejnie aby mi poslali autogram a prislo mi toto:

Thank you for writing and for your support
of Charmed.

Because Charmed is now out of production,
our contract to answer requests for free photos
within the United States and Canada has expired.
We regret any inconvenience. If you reside outside
of the U.S. or Canada, you are still eligible to
receive a photo. Please check the message you sent
to be sure your street address was included.
If it was not, please write again and include your
address. Allow 4-6 weeks for request to be processed.
Pictures will be sent by postal mail, not e-mail.
Due to high volumes of mail being handled, we cannot
reply personally to your questions or comments.

One autograph request per e-mail, please.
Any message with more than one recipient in
the "to:" line, or that has undisclosed
recipients, or that uses "cc:" (carbon-copy)
or "bcc:" (blind carbon-copy) may be filtered
and automatically rejected.

We reserve the right to limit the number
of photos which will be sent to any
individual requestor. These complimentary
photos are not approved for auction or resale.

neviete prosim vas niekto co to znamena???


(kechis13, 21. 1. 2007 14:04)

pekne a funguju tie kuzla s knihi tienov???


(katka, 14. 1. 2007 14:45)

skoda ze sa nedaju tie puzzle stiahnut =o(